Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Glasses Galore

Hey everybody. I don't know how many of my readers wear glasses, but I know I do. That's why I super excited to tell you guys that  I was approached by a pretty nice eyeglass company Warby Parker to give small look at their new Fall Collection of frames.

Warby Parker specializes in unique and fashion forward glasses while keeping them pretty cheap, most of the frames at $95 including prescription lenses.

I think the star of the collection, or at lease my favorite addition, is the new hue Petal Tortoise with a really pretty lilac complimented with the traditional tortoise brown and design. While it does kinda scream spring time to me, it's not so out of the ordinary that it will look out of place the rest of the year.
Annette in petal tortoise

There are also three new crystal frames. I've been seeing lots of clear frame sunglasses and glasses in alternative fashions recently, so these would fit int perfectly. The Eli in particular gives me a very Nu Goth vibe.
Coley in Crystal

Nash in Crystal

Eli in Crystal
The Crane Ti and Hardy frames have a very "traditional nerd glasses" shape while both come in translucent greys, so they aren't as harsh as black frames.
Crane Ti in Newsprint Grey
Hardy in Striped Pacific
I don't know, I really like looking at glasses from time to time. Especially now, I'm thinking about how old my current pair are and I'm estimating like, 3-4 years. Gosh I need new ones. I'm super tempted by an older frame form these guys, the Nedwin frame in Summer Green, to match the green boots I always wear.
Anyways, you can look through more pictures and see all the other frames offered over here.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Boston Comic Con 2014

I had a pretty uneventful comic con this year. My sister and I only went for Friday because of a historical weekend in Nahant which we attended Saturday and Sunday.

But anyways, Boston Comic Con was fun, even though we only went the one day. I wore my Blue Beetle dress that I had made for my first Comic Con, while my sister wore a hipster-esque Superman ensemble. I was really distressed because I cannot for the life of me find the over skirt from my dress. In all it was pretty uneventful, so here's a picture dump.
Antonia, in all her hipster glory.
Got some (more) books signed by my favorite comic writer, Mark Waid
There's a cute little park near the convention center where we took pictures.
comparison between my first comic con, and this year's
Had a very small haul this year. Mostly bombshell variants and Booster Gold.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ted 2 open casting

Gosh I've been gone a while. To be fair, I had basically dropped of the face of the earth as opposed to just neglecting my blog.
Last Saturday, I finally got off my butt and did a thing. I had never heard any good things about Ted, y'know that one movie about the super crude teddy bear. But then my sister returned from visiting some friends in England with some new information such as there's a party scene with Flash "A-ahhh" Gordan, and that it takes place locally.
Also, she told me, they're looking for people in costume for something and we need to do it. So I left finding costumes to the last minute and spend the night before rhinestone-ing a light up Mjolnir. Raven invited her friend, Ari, to be our stand-in Thor since Sarah was on vacation, AND THE BLINGVENGERS ASSEMBLED.
Photo taken by Jun Tsuboike
It was like all the lines on Comic Con without the Comic Con. It was wicked hot and sunny and three days later, I still have a sunburn-line on my chest. Looks like we won't know if we get to be extras for a while, but filming has started at this point.
After spending half the day in line, everyone was tired and hungry. Being in the mood for ice cream
instead of shawarma, we took a trip to Friendly's.
My favorite thing at Friendly's was a little girl telling her family about the superheroes "But they're all girls!" I love little kids when I'm not directly interacting with them. I had that kinda disgusting "celebrate" ice cream which was like vanilla chunks of cake and frozen blue frosting mixed in.
The last order of business was going to Build-A-Bear because Raven does a ton of traveling for work. I made a Captain A-bear-ica because why not.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ryan and Tiger and Bunny, oh my!

Over spring break, I spent most of my time asleep or playing Dance Central. But I did have a plan for the weekend at the end. I took a weekend trip to NYC in order to visit my aunt and see the US premiere of Tiger and Bunny: The Rising.
I've been a huge fan of Tiger and Bunny for a year or so now and have seen the series about three times now. The idea behind this anime is that it would be a hero show that appeals to adult men and remind them of the shows of their childhood. Little did anyone know that it would become super popular among young women as well. But I think I wrote quite a bit about the show in a previous post.
This movie added a new (but temporary) protagonist Golden Ryan. Wearing a lion themed suit, he's introduced as a replacement partner for Barnaby after Kotetsu gets fired. He really appealed to me in the early promotional material because he's confident and brutally honest. In the movie he's also shown to be very team oriented despite his ability to rub people the wrong way.
Not to give any spoilers, but this film also puts some of the spotlight on Nathan, the flamboyant Fire Emblem. Nathan is officially (or at least according to the creators) gender-free, though the official translation uses "gay" where "queer" might have been a better choice. It was amazing how silent the theater got when his back story was revealed. As well as how loud everyone's cheers were when he rejoined the rest of the heroes.

I was able to make most of a dress for the showing and saw so many people in cosplay and outfits based on the character. My dress is based on the short lived (at least in the series) super hero costume for Wild Tiger, the "crusher for justice." Soon after the beginning of the show, he hangs up the classic spandex for a more iron man style metal suit. I was the only one in an outfit based on the original suit, but I was able to get a picture with a girl in a very cute outfit based on Wild Tiger's civilian clothes:
I was so jealous of her hello kitty plush. It was a exclusive Wild Tiger plush that was only sold at theaters in Japan during the running of this movie. Also in this picture I'm holding a Top Mag Wild Tiger S.H.Figuarts, which I ended up adding to my ever growing collection.
I don't have a problem...yet

Tune in next week for the rest of my NYC adventure. And be sure to check out my Twitter, where I tweet my costuming progress whenever I get to sewing, and I'm currently tweeting about Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Recap: Arisia 2014

Sorry for being not around. I'm gonna come back eventually. But here's a thing I didn't get to post about.

I've probably mentioned that I've been attending Arisia since I has a child-in-tow, and this year I was able to go in my own right.
I was able to be on three panels: All Ages Comics,  Making and Modifying Patterns, and Cross-Cultural Costuming. All three were wonderful experiences, but very intimidating.
Your friendly neighborhood spider-lady is on the scene!
 In the All Ages Comics panel, I was not only the youngest panelist, but the only girl! I sat next to the moderator and was really glad that he made sure every panelist had a chance to talk equally. The only downside of the panel was a panelist's horrible word choice saying something like 'We've talked about a lot of great female characters, but now let's have some male representation'. Put me in a bit of a sour mood for the last few minutes of the panel, but I hope it didn't show.

The panel about patterning was nice, though I felt like I didn't know anything by the end of the panel. Everyone had so much experience and I have what,  not even three years. Most of the advice that I gave was things my sister taught me.

And the Cross Cultural Costuming panel was just as one would expect. It basically boiled down to don't be a jerk and do some research.

But all that is the boring part. There was a time travelers' ball on saturday night with some really well dressed peeps as well as people just there to have fun out of costume:

This girl here gets a special mention as my favorite costume of the night (besides my sister but she cheated) I've fallen so out of love with steampunk, but this outfit is so great.
The historical dance troupe I'm a member of did a Dr. Who themed performance for the Masquerade half time show on Sunday.
Complete with a Dr an K9
Most of the dances were really fun, and my trusty friend Sarah got some great pictures:

And while I was busy with dances and quick changes, I sent Sarah out to get some pictures of costumes from the Masquerade itself:

In all I would call this con a success, I kept myself busier than usual and it was nice.