Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Glasses Galore

Hey everybody. I don't know how many of my readers wear glasses, but I know I do. That's why I super excited to tell you guys that  I was approached by a pretty nice eyeglass company Warby Parker to give small look at their new Fall Collection of frames.

Warby Parker specializes in unique and fashion forward glasses while keeping them pretty cheap, most of the frames at $95 including prescription lenses.

I think the star of the collection, or at lease my favorite addition, is the new hue Petal Tortoise with a really pretty lilac complimented with the traditional tortoise brown and design. While it does kinda scream spring time to me, it's not so out of the ordinary that it will look out of place the rest of the year.
Annette in petal tortoise

There are also three new crystal frames. I've been seeing lots of clear frame sunglasses and glasses in alternative fashions recently, so these would fit int perfectly. The Eli in particular gives me a very Nu Goth vibe.
Coley in Crystal

Nash in Crystal

Eli in Crystal
The Crane Ti and Hardy frames have a very "traditional nerd glasses" shape while both come in translucent greys, so they aren't as harsh as black frames.
Crane Ti in Newsprint Grey
Hardy in Striped Pacific
I don't know, I really like looking at glasses from time to time. Especially now, I'm thinking about how old my current pair are and I'm estimating like, 3-4 years. Gosh I need new ones. I'm super tempted by an older frame form these guys, the Nedwin frame in Summer Green, to match the green boots I always wear.
Anyways, you can look through more pictures and see all the other frames offered over here.

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