Costume Profiles


 Nothing special. The jumper was the same pattern as Blue Beetle, with the straps made into a halter. The skirt  as well as the ruffle were both made with box-pleats.

Blue Beetle:

The jumper was a pattern my sister had based on a jumper she had bought at H&M. The over skirt was the peplum of Simplicity 3685 (also used for Riddler), attached to a waist band. 

Booster Gold: (unfinished)

The dress is Simplicity 0345 (previously 2444) with the cape collar, belt, and no sleeves.

Captain America:

I made this dress pretty faithfully following McCall's pattern M5094. I accidentally cut the skirt for the contrasting bottom band, meaning the skirt is shorter than it's supposed to be. Oh well.
 The fabric on the top half is a blue square sequined fabric, cut on a diagonal to mimic the scales on Cap's costume.

Iron Man:

Same pattern as Blue Beetle, but the skirt of Captain America (shortened because of a lack of red fabric and a ruffle to make up for the lost length).
The arc reactor is a $1 tap light with a detachable base. I drilled three pairs of holes in the base so I could sew it to the dress.

Riddler: (unfinished)

The costume itself was pattern E from Simplicity 3685, without the lace hem. There will also be a faux tie and collar.


I used Simple Simon & Co's peter pan collar tutorial (adding on  inch to the fold) for the collar of my Robin cape, the rest of the cape being a semicircle attached to the collar.
For the top, I used the C tunic from Simplicity pattern 3750, adding seam allowance to the lower front and not cutting on a fold (so I could leave it open). I also did not make the attached belt, instead opting to make a separate one with hook and eye closures in the front (allowing me to reuse it for other costumes or outfits)
The shirt was worn over the under-dress from my Riddler costume


Same go-to pattern as Blue Beetle with an embroidered web design, spider appliques and no straps.


All the pieces were store bought except for the skirt, so nothing to say here. 

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