Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vote for Julia! (please)

Hey guys, I'm still taking a small break from my blog, but Sunday was a small costume competition at my local Anime merch store, Anime Zakka. I somehow managed to scrounge together a Sailor Jupiter costume the day of the event, after helping my friend make a costume for herself. I was super lazy and stressed, so I never got personal pictures of our costumes, but the photographer they had did an amazing job.
So First off, here's how the contest works: Anime Zakka posted our pictures on their facebook page and whichever costume gets the most "likes" before Monday (11/4) will win the prize of a gift card for their store. easy peasy, right? I'd really appreciate if my readers could help me or my friend win (you can vote for as many entries as you like, so also look at the other contestants).
 As I mentioned, I made this costume the day of, with some help from my mom (she had to sew me in because there wasn't enough time for a zipper). I still need to put the sleeves on, then closures, then I wan wear it again. You can vote for me here.
Winnie is definitely on my list of cutest Kiki cosplayers,and by far the cutest I've seen in real life. She even borrowed a little Jiji and a broom like the one used to save Tombo. You can vote for Winnie here.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

At New York Comic Con

Hey guys. I'm at NYCC on Saturday, work on Sunday, and resting Monday, so I don't know when a new post will be.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Best of Bombshells

I'll admit I love the DC Bombshell series of figurines, but I seriously don't have the budget for them. Second best thing is finding the art and similar art on t-shirts which are much less costly and easier to show off to the public.
$18.95 at Graphitti Designs
I'd have to say that my favorite of the Bombshell series is the Supergirl. I love the bright primary colors and the patriotic background. also cute dresses are a thing I like, in case you didn't know.
$18.95 at Graphitti Designs
Harley here has the advantage of as well as being a bombshell, she is also riding one. The two-toned bra look is now pretty common for Harley, but is actually fitting here. I think the design is pretty strong and the "slightly dangerous" is pretty cute.
$25 at We Love Fine

Not a DC Bombshell, but still pretty is this "War Bird" Captain Marvel shirt.  Again, I love primary colors so I am a bit biased. I'm loving her shirt ans skirt, while her shoes leave me a bit confused. I like that while she has many similarities to the Supergirl design in her colors, her scarf, and her hair, both are clearly independent designs.

Graphitti Designs also has a Wonder Woman bombshell shirt and a Poison Ivy bombshell shirt, While We Love Fine has a Black Cat bombshell shirt.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

College Night at the Museum of Science

So I got myself trapped in one of those "If I ignore my blog long enough, people will forget I haven't updated in a while" cycles where I wasn't doing anything in my social life and feeling really bad about it. I don't know when my next post will be, so no false hope for you guys, but I did go on a little adventure with some friends recently.

As many of you remember from last year, the Museum of Science has a night each year that's free to college students. I think last year they actually closed the museum early so the college students had free reign. I saw a few children this year, so maybe they kept it open still?

Here's my outfit:
I had wanted to wear something science-y, but I guess that's just not in my closet atm. But hey, I have a scientist, an engineer, and a doctor on my chest and that's close enough.

I didn't get any pictures besides these. Playing around with scale and size. I couldn't decide if I was supposed to feel like Goldilocks or Alice in Wonderland. I liked the biggest chair most of course 'cause it made me feel tall.
There's a Science of Pixar exhibit in the works and I thought the most interesting part was a real life model of a single room where you turned dials to change the lighting, then went to a computer with a CGI model of the same room and try to recreate the same lighting. It's really not as easy as I thought it should be since the lighting doesn't follow the same rules. There was also a display where tiny balls would be released down  an incline to show how CGIwater is made to flow using the same principles.

Oh and a short update in my life is I finally got a job, where being jobless and moneyless was part of the reason I was so inactive.