Thursday, June 28, 2012

this thing is just too beautiful

I love video games. I'm no good at them but I don't even care because that isn't even the point.
Anyways, yes, like many people I love love love Assassin's Creed. Now, I suppose I should admit that I haven't played it (because I only have a PS2 and Wii), but I enjoyed watching my friend's dad (who's a history professor so he always had interesting commentary) play and I mostly like the pretty pretty graphics.
But yes this is the wonderful thing I've found:
Isn't it just amazing. I am in awe of the detail and the blade is spring loaded so double cool.

So, this repro of Ezio's hidden blade is available for preorder at Gamestop for only $39.99.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Space... The Final Frontier

Although I was raised in a geeky family, I sometimes feel like I was gypped out of some of the experience. Sure, I watched Firefly and Farscape with my family, but I missed the chance to be raised a "Trekkie".
Well, my job here is to try and fix those kinds of things for myself. So, I decided to start watching Star Trek from the beginning, And I'm really enjoying it so far.

(and  isn't that the catchiest tune ever?)
 I love the costumes and 60s hair. I found a site that has great reference pictures (though a bit small) for all the uniforms and such for the whole series here.
I think I need to make myself (and maybe my sis if she's nice) a few uniforms.
Here's the original female uniforms for engineering (or security, or going to die) followed by the dress uniform:

Also a small side note is that there are many Star Trek uniforms available on various sites that are sheath dresses, while the original design is a wrap-around skirt (sometimes you can see in the show there must be a covered zipper on the left or something similar). I just, accuracy please? at least add a flap over the skirt of the sheath dress?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm currently busy with College orientation stuff so I'm just going to leave this here

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I recently mentioned to my sister that I've been wanting roller skates for about 4 years now and have yet to get a pair.
My sister, being awesome at finding cool stuff, went in search of the perfect pair (or at least something pretty darn close). After looking through Ebay, she found me these lovelies:

Something tells me I'll need more Captain America inspired outfits to wear while I skate around town.
Oh, Tony Stark would be so proud.
Because skating is way better than flying.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

20 min. crafting

So first a small update: The Captain America earrings I mentioned in an earlier post are now at 1928 for $18 which is totally reasonable.
Also my Iron Man jumper is finished  but I haven't gotten any pictures yet.

I really like crafts but I have little to no attention span. So anything I can do in under an hour is really great.
So I was bored one afternoon and decided to make some hair clips from my PaxEast lanyard because really when is such a thing useful? Also I was disappointed that I never got a chance to buy a t-shirt from the event. So now I've got some proof I was there in a more subtle way.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

More Halloween in June (part 2)

Alright, so this post is kinda cheating because I found this costume on ComicsAlliance and also I have never been big into G.I. Joe or anything. although I did like that one movie with the monster toys and soldier toys and then they all come to life and the soldier toys try to kill everyone. good times. and totally off topic.
yes, today's costume inspiration is this:
Alright there are many things I love about this costume. First of all, the fake collar on the dress. I love costumes with militaristic influence because really uniforms are so cool.

My biggest problem with many of these costumes (besides all being called "Sexy ______" or "Sassy _______") is the material. I would actually find this costume worth buying if it were not made of shiny vinyl.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What are you talking about "Halloween's in 4 months"? (part 1 of ???)

I would have finally finished my Iron Man jumper yesterday had Loki not decided to be a little shit.
So here's something I've been saving up.

I really like Halloween. I know, it's summer now why are you talking about Halloween it's so far away. The point is I get a lot of inspiration from the costumes. Some costumes could be copied in a way to make them good costumes for cons and some can be used for inspiration for everyday outfits.

Such as this one:

I found this and though it was really interesting, changing the placement of the blue star pattern. This would be an easy-ish costume to recreate as a red dress with a Wonder Woman applique and then a blue underbust corset with stars and the gold belt.  The dress wouldn't need to be as short as it is in this costume or strapless, in fact it could really be any fit red dress substituted in (it could even be a store bought one). Then you have the added bonus of a new red dress if you should ever need one.
I love that there is almost always a way to make parts of costumes useful.
After looking at more costumes, I was disappointed to find that this might be a recolor of this costume, which is more similar to the original Wonder Woman costume and less easy to reproduce:

(though this one looks more like a recolor on the skirt)

On a only slightly related note, I hope the fact that forth of July is next month will make it easier to find blue and white starred fabric so I can make all kinds of Wonder Woman things.