Friday, November 30, 2012

crafty crafty craftiness

I've been doing some crafts and watching movies recently. so here are some things:
almost done with my bedazzled sheild.

made a first whack at an apple of Eden.

I'll make a better one eventually, I swear.
And my sister got me this guy. I've totally loved Jericho from first sight. He's blond and mute, what more could you ask for?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph

I don't suppose I ever mentioned that I got to see Wreck-It Ralph a week before Monday. Well, I did. And I haven't stopped thinking about it since. (the only problem is that it has reawakened the gamer in me and now I want to spend all my time playing my DS)
The other thing I forgot to mention is that I made a Polyvore account a while back.
Like always, one thing led to another:
One dilemma is that overalls are so out of style that it is part of what gives Ralph a retro charm. Here I substituted a skirt (because I like skirts) and suspenders. The hulk keychain is to call back to Ralph's giant hands. The shoes are a nude platform which will be subtle and yet help with portraying his taller stature.
 Ralph's design was super easy and plain, so I went as casual as possible here. For some reason, I felt like a skirt would look bad for this outfit. I dunno. And a little gold hammer necklace because I don't need to explain that.

Since Vinellope wears kinda plain clothes, I decided to deviate most here. I replaced her hoodie with a cute mint sweater (because I'm really big on sweaters now). Since the ties brought a pop of color, I added a pink bowtie. Cookie earrings because the outfit itself does not scream "sweets" without something obvious. And striped tights because they're cool.

Monday, November 19, 2012

have a sewing superhero.

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Matt. What are you doing. Colors don't work like that. you can't feel them.

Friday, November 16, 2012

More Rinestoning and other things

Spent another night rinestoning:
But then we ran out of white. So that's all we got done.

My sister ordered more wigs from The Five Wits, but I only have pictures of her in the Gothic Lolipocalypse in the color Bloody Mary (she had gotten a second art bang zodiac star and the gothic lolipocalypse in café frangelico):
As you can tell, I really like these wigs.
 My friend gave me a bottle opener (apparently they are a common item to give away at races) and my sister had told me about how much Lady Blackhawk drinks. This was the next logical step:
And lastly I got a good haul from Newbury Comics a coupe days ago:

I finally found a copy of the director's cut of daredevil! (don't judge me but I love that movie) and all these were $4 a pop. What a deal!

Friday, November 9, 2012

horrible blogger is horrible at updating

I'm amused by how many times I've written on this blog about how I am horrible at updating. I'm always like "I wanted to update sooner but -insert excuse here-," but I never get better at updating.

So here's an update:
I did my nails in the beginning of the week (but then broke a nail when sewing so they look ugly now).
Assassin's Creed 3 FTW
I also hung out with Antonia and Raven and started working on a sparkly shield for my Captain America costume (seen here and here)
the shield was bough on sale at CVS for $6

Here it is after two hours of gluing.
 It's a children's shield so it will be small enough that I won't want to murder myself while bedazzling and it won't cover my costume when I pose.