Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Amethyst, Princess of being cool

I'm not really into many female superheroes, not like the same way I'm into Blue Beetle or Booster Gold, but there are times where they really shine (pun totally intended).

The Amethyst shorts on DC Nation take a different route than the comics (and from the amethyst comics I've read, I prefer it): Amy is a pre-teen/teenage girl who likes to sit around at home and play videogames, specifically Gemworld. She gets sucked into her game where she is revealed to be Princess Amethyst and is sent out to save the kingdom. One of the things going for this short is the humor. Another thing is the character design. It takes a lot of influence from magical girl anime, which makes sense because Amethyst is basically the American equivalent. Anyways here's Amy's journey so far:
Isn't it super cute?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The best time to wear a sweater... Is all the time

I'm busy sewing for next month (as people who follow my twitter know, I'm gonna be at Pax East this year), so I don't have much stuff documented. But here's something from the vault 'cause I was never really happy with the pictures we got about it.
we took this at our (historical) dance rehearsal, so we were stuck with a hideous yellow background

My sister, her friend Raven, and I all have mostly matching sweaters. If you've seen us at Comicazi (we usually go on sundays), one of us was probably wearing one. I think mine is just the best thing because it's really soft and warm because it's so big. Though I am jealous of the others because I like the stripes on the sleeves.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The "Sassy" Iron Man 3 Halloween costumes have been revealed!

Usually, I find "sassy" Halloween costumes laughable. Seriously. have you seen any of the spider-man ones? If you have, then you know what I mean. My first problem comes from the "only wear once" quality of the fabric. My second problem is due to the once only nature, Halloween costumes never fit as well as they should. Despite that, I always find some designs that I like.
But that's just me going off on a tangent. Here are the three female Iron Man 3 Costumes:
This is something that's just sprung up from Disguise: lycra body suits for girls. Some might consider it a small step up from the "Sassy _____" costumes that we usually find. It's covering with no cleavage window or anything of the like, but stretchy and form fitting so it is still considered "sexy". It's much closer to what a real super-heroine would wear on the job, so I appreciate that. The only problem is that I would feel more confident wearing this if I had the body of a super-heroine as well.
Alright, I don't know what it is about this costume, but I like it. Except for the arc reactor (but I think it just because I love the original arc reactor best). I think part of what is going on is that the cheap shiny material used for half the Halloween costumes on the market actually work to their advantage when it comes to Iron Man. Since it's a metal suit, I would be disappointed if it weren't shiny.
The last costume is a bustier. Honetly, I don't see the point. It makes me think Mean Girls does superheroes. I will give it a couple bonus points though because the arc reactor glows in the dark.

Really, with 2/3 being nice, this group of costumes does go beyond my expectations. I am still holding out for a Sassy War Machine or Iron Patriot costume though. I don't see how recoloring the costumes would be disadvantageous. Wouldn't it be slightly more P.C. to have costumes of a POC character?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dick Tracy

For some reason, I've liked Dick Tracy for a while. No idea why, but I really do. And I was looking through ModCloth (because they've been really good at making things that remind me of geeky characters) and saw this dress out of the corner of my eye. Isn't it almost perfect?
Dick Tracy

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Obviously, I need this shirt.

Right? It's a bit pricey ( as t-shirts tend to be) at $23.50, but it's actually perfect and can be found here.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dating Superheroes

It's valentines day! yay! also known as Singles awareness day, Valentines day has often been the bane of people's existence, especially people of the nerd population. To cheer everyone up I've collected a couple videos on dating superheroes:

I'm personally on the fence about dating a superhero. Some would be better than others. Batman? nope, too many crazies in Gotham. Booster Gold? Hell to the yes please. He would take you any-when you want to go. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I love Batgirl. I love all the Batgirls, but I love Steph the most. That's why I freaked out when my sister showed me this dress from Modcloth:

The next day, we went to the comic book store together (can you guess which one?) with Raven (who got a shiny new camera). I wore my new dress, and we had a mini photoshoot. Here's the results:

The dress itself is great. I thought it would be cool to do my nails to match, and wear all my batman bling. I'm going to order a yellow bat symbol necklace from etsy to improve this outfit, but here's what I have so far:

Also I'm posing with my favorite issue of Batgirl because she tries to explain the Batfamily.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Marvel 1602

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I have a more historical background when it comes to costuming, so I was super excited when a friend showed me Marvel 1602. You see, some family friends do events at a place called Pioneer Village in Salem, a false town based on New England in the 1630s. Despite it being too late for marvel 1602, I still want to make some of the costumes (and maybe a photoshoot?).

My favorite ever is the Spider-man costume:

I also very much liked Nick Fury's costume:

And I thought the x-men uniform was kinda silly, but I liked how the costumes are still recognizable: 
I really like blue, so I really like Susan Storm's dress as well as the rest of the Fantastic Four:
but Johnny reminds me of Guy Fieri so that kinda ruins the look for me.
Of course, my historical background is more in the 19th century, so I'm not judging on historical accuracy. But yeah, I'd love to make that Spider-man costume or see other people make costumes from this series.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

what has Julia been up to?

I've mostly been shopping. My sister and Raven want to do a pin-ups and comic books photoshoot, but I found something to add:
Why not have some pictures of cute pin-up girls playing a cute retro board game? (I'm wondering how many people actually remember this movie. It was basically Jumanji in space.)

I also designed some custom fabric:
Arrows and Lanterns

Stars and Beetles
I made hair bows with the samples I ordered (and decided to brighten the yellow a bit)

and I might have bought myself some valentines candy because of the boxes.