Doodles and Plans

Hey guys, thought you might want a little inside look to my creative process (or maybe even get inspiration for a costume of your own). Here's some plans and designs I've doodled recently:


I love love love Nightwing. I love how much of a fashion disaster he was what with the disco wing and then a mullet. I don;t know how anyone thought that would be a good idea.
As much as I love popped collars, I love popped collars on jackets even more.


I want a glorious dress, not a lengthy one.
sadly, this was from my "let's draw in metallic pen" phase, so the lines don't show up well. I really want stockings with snakes on them.


I already have a spider-man dress that I'm proud of, but I feel like I need something nicer for my trip to see the musical.
I wanted to try my hand at making something that screams spider-man without actually being a dress version of spider-man's costume.

Templar and Assassin:

I once bought a silver sweater (and tights) and have been needing to find a cute design that calls back to chain mail and armor.
But then again, I've been wanting to dress up as a assassin too...

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