Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So, I've been away at a vintage dance week and it has been... well... as bad as I expected. Which totally puts me in a horrible mood. Which is just plain horrible.
So when I'm in a bad mood, I look at the Animal Man shorts from DC Nation on Cartoon Network. 

I'm kinda disappointed because I did some google-ing and the Animal Man comics aren't like the shorts. At all. Which is sad because I love his costume (I think the jacket in the comics makes the costume personally), but I really prefer comics which are lighthearted or have characters I have an uncalled for emotional attachment to.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Green Boots with Red Laces!

Last week, my friend, Sarah (the one who collects Avengers wedding issues), convinced me (though it didn't take much effort because I love all things Robins) to read the trade copy of Batman and Son at the Salem Public Library.

First of all, I think Damian is amazing. Cut off a dealer's head, put a grenade in his mouth, and then use it to blow up Tim Drake? That is one classy act. If I get a kitten of my own when I grow up, I'm naming it after him.
Seriously, this perfectly mirror's my interactions with my sis' cat, Loki.
Afterwards, Sarah lent me her issue 10 of the New 52 Batman and Robin.
Because who can resist a cover with everyone attacking Timmy? (disclaimer: Tim is Sarah's favorite robin)
It's basically the beginning of an arc full of Damian trolling the other Robins. Which is fabulous.
So yes, yes, yes Finally to the point:
Green Boots with Red Laces!
And, as payment for being her dance teaching assistant, My sister gifted to me:
(extra story under cut because this got way too long)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Remember that one thing with the costume and the pictures?

You know, the one where I finished my Iron Man dress but never got pictures and kept promising them. Well here we go.
I took my sister to Comicazi (remember I've mentioned it, it's my local comic book store) for the first time and decided to dress up because why not.
Next time I wear it to a convention or something, I'll find my red tights and hopefully a pair of red shoes (and a nice shirt to wear underneath).
Gosh, how anticlimactic am I?

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Late Night Adventures of Batman-girl

The Dark Night rose Thursday night and I was lucky enough to have it playing at my favorite theater. I took my sister to be my robin and my mum to be the photographer. now lets do this thing.
Here's the applique work and the bow-belt. I'm trying to think of a way to reenforce the front of the belt because the bow is a bit heavy. (actual stuff under cut)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sewing for the Dark Night Raises Midnight Release

Need to finish sewing the applique, add a zipper, and make a belt. Probably won't have time to make a cape, but I'll probably be able to make something for my hair (either a black and yellow headband or bat ear clips.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Amazing Spider-man

So I was able to finish my  spider-man dress yesterday sans the red spider on the back. I just gotta say that this movie was (pardon my pun) amazing. So here we go:
 Obligatory me with the movie poster picture. I also got a poster that is currently hanging on my wall.
 obligatory me with batman picture because batman. Looks like that's gonna need to be my next big project seeing as how it's gonna be here before we know it.
 Obligatory close-up of the front. Mostly because this was my first time embroidering, though I don't think it counts for much. I'm still really happy with how it turned out.

And I feel like I need to mention that My sister was kind enough to let me borrow her red sequined shoes which made me so very happy.

Monday, July 2, 2012

moar sewing

I'm getting ready for the Amazing Spider-man midnight showing tonight. Fingers crossed that I finish my dress on time.