Saturday, January 26, 2013


So here's the moment of truth guys. The costume you've been waiting for. The sensation that hit the nation (by which I mean the convention, Arisia).

Anyone remember that one video I posted a while back? (The Birds of Prey song from Batman BATB) We, (Antonia, Raven, and I) spent a little over a month making a choreography for that song and then practicing once a week. I've asked around to see if anyone recorded it, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to show you guys until the official masquerade video comes out.
I wanted all of us to take a picture with our reference images (mostly because I worked really hard to get most of them the day of)
This photographer comes up to us and asked if he can take a picture of us pretending to beat him up.

posing for our official pictures
You can't be a strong female character without making pin-up poses, right?
Also, we won a craftmanship award ("Best translation of 2D to 3D") and best in class for presentation.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bling-vengers Assemble!

I gave a hint of what everyone was going to wear on Saturday, so now it's time for the big reveal.
Bling-vengers Assemble!
Antonia and Raven were super excited to be Science Bros
First things first, we checked in at the masquerade table for Sunday's performance
There were freebie tables in the con-suite, including a table devoted to the movie Warm Bodies. the guy manning the table needed to get a picture with us.
changed into what we had so far for the masquerade so the tech guys could work out the lighting
Blocking an aisle in the dealer's room so people could take pictures
You wouldn't like the Hulk when (s)he's hungry. That goes for the rest of us too, so many trips to the green room for snacks. Also, Thor is too cool for your shit.
I know Wonder Woman is DC, but that doesn't mean we can't take pictures together.
there was an in-character "Dating Game" that we entered.

And we got pretty far.

who knew the trekkies would be the perfect match?
Bling-vengers out!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Busy Busy Busy at Arisia

As the title says, I'm probably at Arisia now after an all-nighter (or something similar) working on the birds of prey for the masquerade Sunday night. Fingers crossed that I get the performance recorded so I can show you guys.

So the part of the post that you all have been waiting for is the sewing superhero because I post those when I'm busy or boring:
My sister showed me this scene since she's been reading through Nightwing.

Also, if any of you readers out there find a comic where a superhero is sewing or has someone else sewing their costume, feel free to comment with the issue number or hit me up on twitter: @notsogeekchic.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

aaaaaah busy

so I've got a convention coming up this weekend (Arisia) and then moving back into my dorms so here's a little preview of what is going to be worn:

Friday, January 11, 2013

where mah Hobbits at?

I went ice skating with friends Wednesday and then we decided to go see Les Mis at a theater. Despite not being a well functioning person, it was a super duper day. they had a whole bunch of hobbit stuff out and here's some of my fave pics:
I like my wizards like I like my cheese: well aged.

just chillin' with my homie, Gandizzle.

Where my dwarfs at?

selfies with Thorin <3!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm running out of titles for nothing posts

So I've been a horrible blogger recently. mostly because I haven't. been, blogging. recently.
Nope, been too busy doing nothing and wasting my money. here's some things I've gotten since my last post:
The wonderful bows were a Booster-day present for myself. They're sold by the lovely etsy seller: SirenLovesYou and there are some of her other designs on her art tumblr. (I'm keeping my eye open for if she restocks her set of young justice hair bows)

I got this from claire's when I went to the mall with my sister.

I got to see The Hobbit with some friends and fell in love with it. Sadly, I'm not much into reading (which always surprises people for some reason) so I don't think I'm gonna read the Tolkien books, but I will probably watch the extended cuts of the Lord of the Rings movies to satiate my need for the next movie.
So yeah, I bought the key on a keychain but then just took of the keychain part and put it on a chain to make a necklace because I do stuff like that.