Monday, April 22, 2013

Julia's not Boston Comic Con weekend

As most of you know, shit's been happening in Boston this week, but now it's finally over. Because of this shit, Boston Comic Con was postponed so the free time I had planned to be away at the con was suddenly empty.
I was super excited on Saturday because Jason David Frank (aka the green/white/red/black ranger also aka my first childhood crush) was still making appearances in the area. I made a super quick and dirty white ranger dress (which I don't have pictures of yet because I made it in 3 hours and wanna do more work on it) and rushed out to Boston with my roommate. 
my roommate got to sign something off her bucket list and I got to hold the white ranger helmet. so totally worth it.
Sunday was archery. I got my first lesson last week, and went back for more this week. Because it's not the safest thing, I don't have any picture of myself actively but here's me with some equipment:
I only shot from the 15 ft line, but we took turns with some who shot from a 40 ft line. super impressive.
About an hour in, we learned some aiming with silhouettes of Napoleon. and I'm proud to say I got a headshot:
the dark red arrows were my shots
I hope everyone planning on going to BCC found fun things to do this weekend instead. Sucks that it got postponed, but now I can work on another dress for the con.

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