Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding covers

Oh wow, three posts in one week? how cool!

So I was browsing Comics Alliance today and found the article on Phil Noto's variant cover for Astonishing X-men #51 which will have the first gay marriage in Marvel comics.
The next question is why do I care, This is a great thing to happen and all, but I just don't care for weddings in general.
The answer is that my best friend, Sarah collects wedding editions of comics (mostly avengers related). So far she has the Black Panther and Storms wedding, and Luke cage and Jessica Jones' wedding. 

So I guess I'll be going out early to try and pick up this variant and gift it to my friend.

And as a bonus, since this seems to be a wedding themed post:
I hated the whole One More Day storyline because it messed with Peter's marriage, and then the One Moment in Time arc that was trying to, what, make us feel less angry about the whole mess? But the silver lining is that we get this cover. And Spidey's tux. I really like his tux... That's all

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