Thursday, June 14, 2012

What are you talking about "Halloween's in 4 months"? (part 1 of ???)

I would have finally finished my Iron Man jumper yesterday had Loki not decided to be a little shit.
So here's something I've been saving up.

I really like Halloween. I know, it's summer now why are you talking about Halloween it's so far away. The point is I get a lot of inspiration from the costumes. Some costumes could be copied in a way to make them good costumes for cons and some can be used for inspiration for everyday outfits.

Such as this one:

I found this and though it was really interesting, changing the placement of the blue star pattern. This would be an easy-ish costume to recreate as a red dress with a Wonder Woman applique and then a blue underbust corset with stars and the gold belt.  The dress wouldn't need to be as short as it is in this costume or strapless, in fact it could really be any fit red dress substituted in (it could even be a store bought one). Then you have the added bonus of a new red dress if you should ever need one.
I love that there is almost always a way to make parts of costumes useful.
After looking at more costumes, I was disappointed to find that this might be a recolor of this costume, which is more similar to the original Wonder Woman costume and less easy to reproduce:

(though this one looks more like a recolor on the skirt)

On a only slightly related note, I hope the fact that forth of July is next month will make it easier to find blue and white starred fabric so I can make all kinds of Wonder Woman things.

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