Monday, June 25, 2012

Space... The Final Frontier

Although I was raised in a geeky family, I sometimes feel like I was gypped out of some of the experience. Sure, I watched Firefly and Farscape with my family, but I missed the chance to be raised a "Trekkie".
Well, my job here is to try and fix those kinds of things for myself. So, I decided to start watching Star Trek from the beginning, And I'm really enjoying it so far.

(and  isn't that the catchiest tune ever?)
 I love the costumes and 60s hair. I found a site that has great reference pictures (though a bit small) for all the uniforms and such for the whole series here.
I think I need to make myself (and maybe my sis if she's nice) a few uniforms.
Here's the original female uniforms for engineering (or security, or going to die) followed by the dress uniform:

Also a small side note is that there are many Star Trek uniforms available on various sites that are sheath dresses, while the original design is a wrap-around skirt (sometimes you can see in the show there must be a covered zipper on the left or something similar). I just, accuracy please? at least add a flap over the skirt of the sheath dress?

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