Saturday, July 28, 2012

Green Boots with Red Laces!

Last week, my friend, Sarah (the one who collects Avengers wedding issues), convinced me (though it didn't take much effort because I love all things Robins) to read the trade copy of Batman and Son at the Salem Public Library.

First of all, I think Damian is amazing. Cut off a dealer's head, put a grenade in his mouth, and then use it to blow up Tim Drake? That is one classy act. If I get a kitten of my own when I grow up, I'm naming it after him.
Seriously, this perfectly mirror's my interactions with my sis' cat, Loki.
Afterwards, Sarah lent me her issue 10 of the New 52 Batman and Robin.
Because who can resist a cover with everyone attacking Timmy? (disclaimer: Tim is Sarah's favorite robin)
It's basically the beginning of an arc full of Damian trolling the other Robins. Which is fabulous.
So yes, yes, yes Finally to the point:
Green Boots with Red Laces!
And, as payment for being her dance teaching assistant, My sister gifted to me:
(extra story under cut because this got way too long)

Someone said it looked like I belonged in a circus with those shoes. To which I was like "YES! I totally want to be a Flying Grayson!"
My sister pointed out that while I couldn't be a "Flying Grayson", I was a "Flying Pugliese" (a family joke based on a costume party which happened before I was born).
Also, (because my family has a horrible sense of humor) I am half-way to Robin-hood (because puns are cool) because my dad died, meaning I'm half an orphan. Did I mention my family has a horrible sense of humor?

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