Friday, July 20, 2012

The Late Night Adventures of Batman-girl

The Dark Night rose Thursday night and I was lucky enough to have it playing at my favorite theater. I took my sister to be my robin and my mum to be the photographer. now lets do this thing.
Here's the applique work and the bow-belt. I'm trying to think of a way to reenforce the front of the belt because the bow is a bit heavy. (actual stuff under cut)

Our Heroines at the theater
So, the robin costume is the one I made for BCC earlier this year and the Batman costume was finished a few hours before heading out.
Batman-girl:"Look Robin, over there! What is that?"
The Batman dress was my go-to pattern which I also used for my Blue Beetle dress.
Robin:"It's alright Batman-girl, It's only the night, or maybe it's vengeance, or it could just be Batman."
I usually sew the straps last, but decided to include it between the lining and bodice fabric when sewing those together because it would be less work in the long run. I also made it a halter because I was lazy. (see, sometimes being lazy is a-okay)
Batman-girl:"This is a triangular display, as the world's greatest detective I must find out what's on the other side!"
 The bat-headband was a last minute idea because I wanted it to look a bit more costume-y. The ears are friendly plastic painted with black acrylic paint, which is not a great idea, but I only needed it for one night.
Batman-girl:"Oh No! It's Bane! Good thing I'm not afraid of him!"
For some reason, my mind associates Batman with fancy, so I gave this dress ruffles for flair. Also so I wouldn't need to go looking for my grey tights.
Robin:"I think what you call a 'tactical retreat' is pretty close to what I call hiding from Bane."

 We were the only two at this theater in costume(except for the man who danced on stage to the Adam West Batman theme, but I think he worked there or something), so we got free popcorn. My sister called it  "victory popcorn."
Batman-girl:"Now that we've run away defeated Bane, I think it is time to go home."
I've now seen The Dark Knight Rises twice. The second time was a 3pm showing and my friend and I sat in front of a drunk couple. The guy slept for most of the movie to say "WHAT HAPPENED? DID BATMAN DIE?" responded by the woman,"YES, BATMAN'S DEAD, HE GOT BLOWN UP" soon followed by the man again,"SO BATMAN IS ALIVE?" and the woman ending,"BATMAN IS ALIVE, HE DIDN'T DIE." (all paraphrased from memory) I'm sure they must have thought they were being quiet but they really weren't. That's the second time I've spent a superhero movie sitting in front of a sleeping drunk guy.

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