Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Otome Week

Alright, so I've been horrible since I moved back home and super duper lazy. One of the first things I did was start watching anime again for some reason. I've also rekindled my fondness for female-oriented visual novel games ("Otome" games). So much of my time has been spend lazing about on my computer.
These games inspired me to spend a week attempting to dress in "otome" fashion. Otome as a fashion style is similar to Lolita fashion, but without petticoats and much less formal. The skirt length and fullness is not as regulated within the fashion, the point is to look cute and a little fancy, like if you were going to a tea party or something, but not doll-like or over the top like some lolita styles. 
the faux bob was inspired by the protagonists of a couple of the more known otome games.

Being similar to Lolita fashion, I used a lolita dress without a petticoat and a plainer blouse than for lolita.

The hair again was inspired by an otome game protagonist.

This outfit was fun because I could not for the life of me find a clean blouse, so I wore a pirate shirt I had made and chosen a belt and boots to make me feel like a pirate princess without being actually pirate-y

I had a bad laundry day because I couldn't find anything cuter that was clean. Though I am wearing my pair of nice shoes. They're the only ones I wear that aren't black or brown.

I really love this dress. It's from the Hello Kitty collection at Forever21 and has Chococat all over it. I usually wear it when I feel pastel goth, but it works out as not goth at all when I subtract my lace choker with crosses. I really love this headband because the bow has little studs all over it.

I ended up taking the clip out of my hair and wearing a straw hat because my mum and I went to Brimfield for some antique shopping.

nothing much to say about this outfit. I love polkadots and navy blue so somehow this is the skirt I wear most often.
I'm sorry this post is boring and full of same-pose but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things a bit.

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