Friday, May 31, 2013

Anime Boston 2013

So first of all, I only went for Saturday because after going for 5 years I had decided never again to go to AB. Never. Ever. Ever. and that lasted for one year. I decided to give AB a second chance, by which I mean, in my last post I mentioned that I've gotten back into anime so I wanted to shop in the dealer's room.
I don't have a picture of what I wore, but I wore lolita and was surprised when a couple people asked to take my picture. I did not actually get any pictures of myself on the day and have been too lazy to put the outfit back on, but I did find a video of the Masquerade line, I can be seen for two whole seconds (leaning in the window on the left in the video at ~6:57):

My friend, Sarah went as a casual Bilbo(friday only) and her sisters were a couple of dwarves:
Bofur, Ori, and Bilbo couldn't find any horses or ponies to ride, so they made due with a bus.
There was a wonderful lolita panel in the morning with a fashion show to give inspiration to those wanting to start out. They were all really nice, but I didn't have a good seat for taking pictures. The Boston Gothic & Lolita Society has pictures up on facebook here if anyone is interested.

 I wandered around the dealer's room with Sarah until I found these babies:
The one to the left is a Natsuki from the anime Uta no Prince-sama (lit. Princes of singing), a super duper cheesy reverse harem anime based on a visual novel series. Basically, it's about a girl who wants to be a composer for idols going to an idol school and meeting a bunch of hot guys training to become idols. In the anime, the protagonist does not fall in love with any of the guys and they form an idol group together and it's just super cute. Natsuki is tall and loves cute things and I totally have a weak spot for glasses characters. I'd found this figurine online for around $30 dollars but found this guy for $18 and no shipping, so fate must have wanted me to have him.
The one on the right is Ivan from Tiger & Bunny, an anime inspired by western superheroes so it's actually really interesting. I started watching T&B because it was superheroes as celebrities with sponsors and stuff, and it turned out really good. The first few episodes are really fun, then there's a small serious arc, then some drama mixed in with some funny bits and then the ending is like DRAMA and I found it really enjoyable. I really liked Ivan from the beginning because he isn't a very good hero, but he keeps his sponsors happy by photobombing with his sponsors' logos well displayed. It's mostly played for laughs and by the first serious arc he's more active as a hero and does some really useful things, no longer just photobombing the other heroes. (I should mention that this figurine is from a set using de-aged designs, so Ivan isn't as young as he looks here)

I found out about a couple of new anime from going to the Sunrise panel. The one that caught my attention was The Daily Lives of High School Boys, a cute gag anime about the daily lives of a group of high school boys. I'm assuming everything is a bit exaggerated, but you know, I have no experience being a high school boy so it could be a perfectly accurate portrayal.

I went to the Funimation industry panel, but not the previews one. Mostly it was talking about how they are revamping the website and stuff about the Funimation app. There was some mention of new anime licenses and stuff, but nothing really caught my eye except that they will probably make an English dub of Attack on Titan, so I'll be keeping my eyes open for that.

Lastly, I saw the masquerade. Now, the Masq was one of the main reasons I was going to never go ever again because they tried to have it be a separately paid ticket. It was free again this year (but you needed to pick up a free ticket to have a seat), but thoroughly disappointing. I believe half of them were dance numbers, and most were one after another. totally boring. Above is the one skit that I thought was seriously awesome. It was put together by the cosplay group RULE and won "Best Overall Presentation".

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