Thursday, October 3, 2013

College Night at the Museum of Science

So I got myself trapped in one of those "If I ignore my blog long enough, people will forget I haven't updated in a while" cycles where I wasn't doing anything in my social life and feeling really bad about it. I don't know when my next post will be, so no false hope for you guys, but I did go on a little adventure with some friends recently.

As many of you remember from last year, the Museum of Science has a night each year that's free to college students. I think last year they actually closed the museum early so the college students had free reign. I saw a few children this year, so maybe they kept it open still?

Here's my outfit:
I had wanted to wear something science-y, but I guess that's just not in my closet atm. But hey, I have a scientist, an engineer, and a doctor on my chest and that's close enough.

I didn't get any pictures besides these. Playing around with scale and size. I couldn't decide if I was supposed to feel like Goldilocks or Alice in Wonderland. I liked the biggest chair most of course 'cause it made me feel tall.
There's a Science of Pixar exhibit in the works and I thought the most interesting part was a real life model of a single room where you turned dials to change the lighting, then went to a computer with a CGI model of the same room and try to recreate the same lighting. It's really not as easy as I thought it should be since the lighting doesn't follow the same rules. There was also a display where tiny balls would be released down  an incline to show how CGIwater is made to flow using the same principles.

Oh and a short update in my life is I finally got a job, where being jobless and moneyless was part of the reason I was so inactive.

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