Thursday, October 10, 2013

Best of Bombshells

I'll admit I love the DC Bombshell series of figurines, but I seriously don't have the budget for them. Second best thing is finding the art and similar art on t-shirts which are much less costly and easier to show off to the public.
$18.95 at Graphitti Designs
I'd have to say that my favorite of the Bombshell series is the Supergirl. I love the bright primary colors and the patriotic background. also cute dresses are a thing I like, in case you didn't know.
$18.95 at Graphitti Designs
Harley here has the advantage of as well as being a bombshell, she is also riding one. The two-toned bra look is now pretty common for Harley, but is actually fitting here. I think the design is pretty strong and the "slightly dangerous" is pretty cute.
$25 at We Love Fine

Not a DC Bombshell, but still pretty is this "War Bird" Captain Marvel shirt.  Again, I love primary colors so I am a bit biased. I'm loving her shirt ans skirt, while her shoes leave me a bit confused. I like that while she has many similarities to the Supergirl design in her colors, her scarf, and her hair, both are clearly independent designs.

Graphitti Designs also has a Wonder Woman bombshell shirt and a Poison Ivy bombshell shirt, While We Love Fine has a Black Cat bombshell shirt.

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