Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Recap: Arisia 2014

Sorry for being not around. I'm gonna come back eventually. But here's a thing I didn't get to post about.

I've probably mentioned that I've been attending Arisia since I has a child-in-tow, and this year I was able to go in my own right.
I was able to be on three panels: All Ages Comics,  Making and Modifying Patterns, and Cross-Cultural Costuming. All three were wonderful experiences, but very intimidating.
Your friendly neighborhood spider-lady is on the scene!
 In the All Ages Comics panel, I was not only the youngest panelist, but the only girl! I sat next to the moderator and was really glad that he made sure every panelist had a chance to talk equally. The only downside of the panel was a panelist's horrible word choice saying something like 'We've talked about a lot of great female characters, but now let's have some male representation'. Put me in a bit of a sour mood for the last few minutes of the panel, but I hope it didn't show.

The panel about patterning was nice, though I felt like I didn't know anything by the end of the panel. Everyone had so much experience and I have what,  not even three years. Most of the advice that I gave was things my sister taught me.

And the Cross Cultural Costuming panel was just as one would expect. It basically boiled down to don't be a jerk and do some research.

But all that is the boring part. There was a time travelers' ball on saturday night with some really well dressed peeps as well as people just there to have fun out of costume:

This girl here gets a special mention as my favorite costume of the night (besides my sister but she cheated) I've fallen so out of love with steampunk, but this outfit is so great.
The historical dance troupe I'm a member of did a Dr. Who themed performance for the Masquerade half time show on Sunday.
Complete with a Dr an K9
Most of the dances were really fun, and my trusty friend Sarah got some great pictures:

And while I was busy with dances and quick changes, I sent Sarah out to get some pictures of costumes from the Masquerade itself:

In all I would call this con a success, I kept myself busier than usual and it was nice.

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  1. Thanks for posting! It was great to see the pictures from what I missed and the ones OF me!

    BTW, the girl wearing your favorite steampunk outfit of the night is Charlotte (or used to be)...we were friends in elementary school :)