Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ryan and Tiger and Bunny, oh my!

Over spring break, I spent most of my time asleep or playing Dance Central. But I did have a plan for the weekend at the end. I took a weekend trip to NYC in order to visit my aunt and see the US premiere of Tiger and Bunny: The Rising.
I've been a huge fan of Tiger and Bunny for a year or so now and have seen the series about three times now. The idea behind this anime is that it would be a hero show that appeals to adult men and remind them of the shows of their childhood. Little did anyone know that it would become super popular among young women as well. But I think I wrote quite a bit about the show in a previous post.
This movie added a new (but temporary) protagonist Golden Ryan. Wearing a lion themed suit, he's introduced as a replacement partner for Barnaby after Kotetsu gets fired. He really appealed to me in the early promotional material because he's confident and brutally honest. In the movie he's also shown to be very team oriented despite his ability to rub people the wrong way.
Not to give any spoilers, but this film also puts some of the spotlight on Nathan, the flamboyant Fire Emblem. Nathan is officially (or at least according to the creators) gender-free, though the official translation uses "gay" where "queer" might have been a better choice. It was amazing how silent the theater got when his back story was revealed. As well as how loud everyone's cheers were when he rejoined the rest of the heroes.

I was able to make most of a dress for the showing and saw so many people in cosplay and outfits based on the character. My dress is based on the short lived (at least in the series) super hero costume for Wild Tiger, the "crusher for justice." Soon after the beginning of the show, he hangs up the classic spandex for a more iron man style metal suit. I was the only one in an outfit based on the original suit, but I was able to get a picture with a girl in a very cute outfit based on Wild Tiger's civilian clothes:
I was so jealous of her hello kitty plush. It was a exclusive Wild Tiger plush that was only sold at theaters in Japan during the running of this movie. Also in this picture I'm holding a Top Mag Wild Tiger S.H.Figuarts, which I ended up adding to my ever growing collection.
I don't have a problem...yet

Tune in next week for the rest of my NYC adventure. And be sure to check out my Twitter, where I tweet my costuming progress whenever I get to sewing, and I'm currently tweeting about Fire Emblem: Awakening.

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