Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ted 2 open casting

Gosh I've been gone a while. To be fair, I had basically dropped of the face of the earth as opposed to just neglecting my blog.
Last Saturday, I finally got off my butt and did a thing. I had never heard any good things about Ted, y'know that one movie about the super crude teddy bear. But then my sister returned from visiting some friends in England with some new information such as there's a party scene with Flash "A-ahhh" Gordan, and that it takes place locally.
Also, she told me, they're looking for people in costume for something and we need to do it. So I left finding costumes to the last minute and spend the night before rhinestone-ing a light up Mjolnir. Raven invited her friend, Ari, to be our stand-in Thor since Sarah was on vacation, AND THE BLINGVENGERS ASSEMBLED.
Photo taken by Jun Tsuboike
It was like all the lines on Comic Con without the Comic Con. It was wicked hot and sunny and three days later, I still have a sunburn-line on my chest. Looks like we won't know if we get to be extras for a while, but filming has started at this point.
After spending half the day in line, everyone was tired and hungry. Being in the mood for ice cream
instead of shawarma, we took a trip to Friendly's.
My favorite thing at Friendly's was a little girl telling her family about the superheroes "But they're all girls!" I love little kids when I'm not directly interacting with them. I had that kinda disgusting "celebrate" ice cream which was like vanilla chunks of cake and frozen blue frosting mixed in.
The last order of business was going to Build-A-Bear because Raven does a ton of traveling for work. I made a Captain A-bear-ica because why not.

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