Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Superhero Jewelery

So, I went to see the avengers again with my family. Good times, but unrelated to this post.

Anyways, on the first day of BCC, I visited my sister and she gifted me a pair of Captain America earrings. She bought them on Ebay but is pretty sure they had come from 1928's marvel line of jewelry.

Unfortunately I was only able to find them on Ebay as well while searching for pictures of them.

So here I have my favorite marvel jewelry out right now: (under the cut)

I'm in love with the SHEILD earrings (because eagles have become my thing ever since I fell in love with the Austrian double-eagles). These are $9.99 at ThinkGeek right now, but they are out of the batman ones (alas).
In a totally unrelated side note, why is the Hulk's symbol a yellow and green radioactive symbol? isn't the hulk green and purple? couldn't Marvel have thought of a more personalized symbol? That's like if they made the X-men symbol an X--- oh wait. nevermind.
Another favorite from ThinkGeek right now. At $29.99 a pop, it's a bit more of an investment, but then again bracelets can be worn almost anytime and it would be cool to pretend it's made of a vibranium/adamantium alloy (and then you could think it a very reasonable price. and able to deflect bullets. have I ever mentioned that I come up with really bad ideas?).
I'm not one for belts ( and belt buckles aren't really jewelery) but I really really like this buckle. Probably because I like silly wings (such as on Thor's helmet and Steve's cowl). This one's $24 at 1928.
Another 1928 piece. I always forget the fact that wolverine's "symbol" is either his clawz crossed to make an "X" or scratches that make an "X". I just think it's really cool. The site also says "Three claws, and three medallions make this a true Wolverine fan’s style," but I think that's stretching it a bit. This one's $20 at (again) 1928.

Yeah, so 1928 has many many more things, but these were my favorites. They have things based on Spider-man Captain America, Thor, Wolverine and the Punisher (is the "the" part of his name?) currently. The Spider-man items have some good pieces if your style is a bit goth (or if you just like spiders), and the Punisher items are cool for a more punk/rock feel mostly because they all have gun (and skull) motifs. 

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