Saturday, September 8, 2012

moar Assassin's Creed? Yes! (part 3)

so yes, I'm going on a bit of an AC binge. Sue me. I was finally able to meet Taylor in person (the girl I mentioned here but wasn't sure if I was getting ahead of myself but it turns out she was also very excited to meet me too so everything works in the end). that was a long side note thing. Anyways yes and she had also mentioned liking the costume of the courtesan:
It's a less complex costume than I had picked out (the smuggler) and it would be nice being characters on the same side and all.
I'm a bit disappointed in the costume because the original development art was this:
I personally find it more visually interesting. I also like hats. Hats are cool and this one draws out the shape of the mask (because masks are cool as well). I also think is has a slightly more historical feel. The design that the team went with kinda says "pirate" to me, but I could just be weird like that.

While we're talking about cosplay, I think more people should be the apprentice characters. Why do you need to be a main character anyways? aren't these guys recognizable enough?

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