Sunday, September 2, 2012

Now officially at college

Moved into college today, and I am just pumped. here's my new room situation:

and my bed:
I needed a spider-man poster creeping on my ceiling.
and my outfit:
 Inspired by Assassin's Creed (but you could have guesses that, dear reader)
I get nervous before big changes, and the only thing that calms my nerves is crafting, so I made a patch of the Assassin's insignia:
And then I wore my birdie ring because eagles are cool:
so I'm going to live with two other girls in a triple room and share the floor with some others. It's a victorian house style dorm, so there is a common room downstairs and a communal kitchen. My mum gave me an early Chrismas present, an Xbox360, so now we have three systems in our room. Here's to hoping this year turns out great.

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