Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Assassin's Creed part 1

(I'm currently working on a dress using my green lantern fabric which I'll tell you guys about when it's done because most of what's left is the actual sewing)

So, yes, Assassin's Creed is amazing. Every time it comes up, I end up gushing about how pretty everything is. So, in my efforts to make friends at college, I found a girl on my college Facebook who also loves Assassin's Creed. And wants to do a cosplay group. And I want to keep her.

I'm really excited and trying to plan what I can about the costumes before it gets too late (the girl wants to do this for Halloween, but PAX East seems like a more reasonable deadline for making multiple costumes).
She wants to cosplay as the main character of ACII, Ezio (but a female version, so Femzio).

I'm curious what she has planned since I think the costume design might need some small changes in order to look more flattering, (if the fabric is too thick, the layering will hide her curves) also because just making the costume without changing anything is boring/common/missing the point.
Part of me says "screw accuracy" and make the multiple belts into an underbust corset (which will help counteract the layering hiding curves issue). It also gives a better base for the metal thing that is probably like an over sized belt buckle.
I was right, it is just a really big belt buckle.
I think most of the costume is good, if we get the fitting right, so that might be the only change I suggest. 
Warning: The next post(s) will be Assassin's Creed because I really like the aesthetics of this game.
Also, I have a twitter now: @notsogeekchic, just in case anyone wanted to know. I don't know much about how to use it, but I will be putting up random things whenever I remember to.

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