Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blog Post... OF SCIENCE!

So, this has been making rounds for the past week so why not post it here too.
Gosh, now I want to try to find one of my dad's old bow ties.
Also Bill Nye was one of my favorite shows growing up.

Other news under the cut:

Peeps who have been reading my blog know that I spent a week at a vintage dance week and that is exactly what my other news is about. Some of my friends (though I consider them slightly more my sister's friends) have started posting pictures on their blogs and I just so happen to be in some of them.
My sister needs to get off her bum and get back in the habit of posting more often because she only has pictures from her feathers workshop the first night.
Raven has started posting by event and also has some cute historical stories and pictures.
Quinn had the best wardrobe of everyone in our group of "the cool kids" and she has just really pretty historical stuff.

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