Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm Bringing Sexy Cap

Hi, all! I always feel like I need to blog more, but I'm far to busy (meaning too lazy and irresponsible) to have a regular schedule.

So I went to my first party as a college student last Saturday: Comicazi's Halloweeniversary party! Here's the line up of me and my crazy friends:
Lady Gaga, Fiona, Captain Ameriboob America, Linkara, Panda, and Banshee
Hilarious Story #1: A guy comes up to me and says "I never thought I would ever say Captain America is hot."

One of many uses for an arc reactor: filling out raffle tickets in a dark room
Hilarious Story #2: My sister found someone dressed as the Doctor (the one with the scarf, Tom Baker). Of course she compliments his scarf and he offers her a jelly baby.
At this point, my friend Sarah has been watching this conversation. So, my sister accepts the candy and Sarah is just like "You just took candy from a stranger. Don't people say to never do that? Why did you do that."
My sister responds with "He's not a stranger, He's the Doctor."
Me and my invisible shield
 I had accidentally entered the Women's costume competition as well as the Group competition. When I went up alone, I heard someone yell "Sing the song!" My sister heard someone yell "God Bless America!"
The picture of my sister and me from the Comicazi facebook
 I pretty much spent the night "getting down with my bad self" (Oh how I love using lame lingo), and making boob jokes (wait... that isn't what all girls do when they're bored?).
V for Victory! We won the group costume prize!
 I had a wonderful time and I'm looking forward to next year! Now to figure out what to spend my prize on.
Also I had Captain America nails under my gloves.

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