Monday, October 15, 2012

Wig Party

So, I haven't gotten any pictures from the con yet, so yeah. But I did buy an amaze-balls wig (by which I mean my sister bought it for me) from The Five Wits. I want to put together a Birds of Prey group with my sister and her friends (hopefully we will be able to go to NYCC next year), so I got the wig for Lady Blackhawk:

I've been a fan of her uniform for a while now and have been tempted to read Blackhawks because of her.
So yeah, I got the "Art Bomb Zodiac Star" style. Here it is:

a little curling and a hat away from perfect
the wig came with a cute clip in pony tail (we bought a second one for $5)
I think I might go to Comicazi's Halloweeniversary party as a girly Captain America
Or maybe as a girly pirate Captain America

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