Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Amethyst, Princess of being cool

I'm not really into many female superheroes, not like the same way I'm into Blue Beetle or Booster Gold, but there are times where they really shine (pun totally intended).

The Amethyst shorts on DC Nation take a different route than the comics (and from the amethyst comics I've read, I prefer it): Amy is a pre-teen/teenage girl who likes to sit around at home and play videogames, specifically Gemworld. She gets sucked into her game where she is revealed to be Princess Amethyst and is sent out to save the kingdom. One of the things going for this short is the humor. Another thing is the character design. It takes a lot of influence from magical girl anime, which makes sense because Amethyst is basically the American equivalent. Anyways here's Amy's journey so far:
Isn't it super cute?

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