Thursday, March 21, 2013

Midnight update

sorry for not getting a post up yesterday and the day before. PAX East opens in 10 hours, but I am far too tired to finish my costume right now.
As far as wear-ability, the romper is complete (just needs straps), the shoes are complete, the hair is good enough, and the socks I bought dyes close enough to the color of the costume.
I was just trying them on over the tights I was already wearing.
The actual part that will make it look like Leixia however, is not yet close to done. It is still in bits and some of those bits are not finished.
My need to do tomorrow morning: sew the last six "petals", finish flower motif on second sleeve (can you tell I was tired when I started that one?), paint last six petals after I sew them.

My should do but might not because of time: yellow inner sleeve, paint side designs on romper, sew on frogs (These style closures, not the animal.), attach actual closures to the costume

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