Friday, March 1, 2013

Princess Jellyfish

I was obsessed with anime at one point. While I don't really show it or talk about it much, there are still some manga I read and anime that I watch. My personal favorite at the moment is called Kuregehime or Princess Jellyfish. I started reading it a while back, but got distracted.
I'm not going to bore you with the story too much, but the point is that the main character is a jellyfish fanatic who lives with other girls with similarly extreme obsessions. Through a course of events, she makes friends with a boy who crossdresses and is convinced to make dresses based on jellyfish with the help of her friends.
this basically looks like my home in the days leading up to a convention/ historical dance
Basically, replace fanatics with art students and jellyfish with superheroes and you have my current life in a nutshell. 
This scene reminded me of my sister when I ask for her input on my designs.
If I go to Anime Boston this year, I wanna make this costume:
the original from the manga

and an anime screenshot for the coloration
Doesn't this dress look super easy? I don't even need to hem it since in the story she just cut the skirt of a dress.

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