Thursday, March 7, 2013

Okay, so...

I really shouldn't be making more Polyvore sets. I've just been using it a procrastination tool. Like, if I want to wear cute outfits like that why don't I focus on making myself cute first?
Of course, you all know the answer: "But you're already so cute, Julia!" jkjk, I'm just lazy and don't feel like I need to be cute if I'm not in costume. But if I wanted to be cute out of costume, here's some outfits I'd wear:

The dress was pointed out by Miss Betty Felon on her blog and I just rolled with it (geddit? cause racecars have wheels and wheels roll?) In place of a neckerchief, I thought one of those headbands with ties up top would be cute. And you all know how much I love red tights.
This one's for my lovely sister because you all know how much she loves Hawkie-poo. I'm thinking how hard would it be to recreate the dress (since it looks like it sold out a long while ago and I can't find it on ebay). And the earrings are ones that my sister got after she fell in love with Hawkeye so it fits.

This isn't my first time posting about Animal Man and admitting that I haven't read any of his comics yet (but I do want to). It mostly came about because I saw that shirt and my first reaction was "Animal Man!" I actually would have gone with shorts on this outfit if I could find any the right orange. I don't know why but I think peplum tops with shorts are cute.

I love Jaime and I've been meaning to make another Blue Beetle dress but this is already so cute. I don't even know what I was looking for when I stumbled upon this dress. Of course there's gotta be a ton of accessories with Egyptian scarabs.

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